Utter Nonsense Tour

Fake News! You'll see right through it .. or will you ? Who needs to be guided by 'facts' and 'research' ? Come along to laugh, play and to try and find a grain of truth within the cacophony of blinding BS :)


A walk in Belfast – Youtube live!

Welcome to this fascinating and complicated city. I know the Timezone is not easy for some timezones, but there will be a replay! Please donate here:   Click here to join! 

Explore Derry, Ireland – Youtube live!

I am thrilled to finally do a tour in ‘The Town I Loved so Well’ .. welcome to the North of Ireland Please done here:   Click here to join!

Youtube Live – Galway, Ireland!

Come for a walk in beautiful Galway, in the west of Ireland! Please donate:   Click here to join me!

Explore Cork City – Youtube Live!

Join me for a short walk in Ireland’s ‘real’ capital :) Please feel welcome to donate:   Click here to join!

Dublin with Dave – Youtube live!

A meet up with guides in Dublin ! Please donate (drinks on me): Click here to join!

A morning walk in Dublin – Youtube live!

May 1 is a national / international holiday. Let’s have a morning walk in Dublin’s fair city. Please support me here: Click here to join me! 

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