Public Speaking

Public Speaking

If your organization, school or association are looking for a dynamic, engaging and informed public speaker, we offer presentations in person and virtually.

With 2me, you can explore this beautiful world and even learn about the lifestyle of travel, guiding and writing.

Perhaps you require a motivational talk, or to travel to far-flung parts of this incredible world, that are hard to get to! Sometimes it is good to have a pre-departure talk about a trip your organization is planning.

We can travel to present in person, or virtually – including live virtual tours!


Public speaking in other languages?

On parle français / Hablamos español

About us

Patrick is an international tour guide / tour operator, author and public speaker. He has developed tourism-related university and college courses and is regularly contracted to give travel talks and virtual tours and lectures.

We are also connected to a huge network of guides and experts around the world. From South America, to Asia across Europe and through Africa, we can take you almost anywhere virtually!

Virtual Tours

Virtually Visiting

For a unique, 360-degree immersive tour experience.


Live-streaming interactive tours. Free to join. Impossible to forget.


Free, guided, live-streaming videos and lots of other travel content!

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