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Why you’ll love travelling with us

If you are seeking fun, adventure and knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. 2me Travel offers a variety of fascinating tours – in real life and online. With 2me, you can explore this beautiful world with a knowledgeable guide – either from the comfort of home or on an epic real-life journey.

We organize virtual and in-person tours to some of the world’s most fascinating destinations – from Chile to the Canadian Rockies, from Istanbul to Ireland. Virtual and real-life private and group guided tours are available in English, French and Spanish. If you’d like a knowledgeable professional to join a tour you have organized, hire a 2me step-on guide. We also offer expert travel advice and consulting services – we’d love to help you create your customized bucket-list adventure.

What We Offer

Virtual tours

Live, interactive guided tours online - we bring the world to you

Global guided tours

Travel to the world’s most fascinating destinations with us

Guided tours of the Canadian Rockies

Virtual and physical guided tours with local experts

Customised tours &
travel consulting

Our travel experts would love to help you plan a perfect, personalised trip

Public Speaking

Offer presentations in person and virtually

Private and group guided tours are available in English, French and Spanish

Virtual travel brings the world to you

Virtual tours

Now you can explore the globe without leaving home

On a 2me virtual tour, you can intimately and ethically experience the world’s most spectacular destinations from the comfort of home. It’s safe and hassle-free. Simply choose where you want to go, book your virtual tour and we’ll take you on an exciting, interactive journey of discovery. 

Private Virtual Tours

We offer personalised, private virtual tours on Zoom or Facetime. We’ll take you and your friends or family to explore the destination of your choice. Simply drop us a mail and tell us where you’d like to go. Private virtual tours are available in English, French and Spanish.

Public Virtual Tours

Another exciting option is to join a group of like-minded travelers and
our chief guide Patrick Twomey on any of these leading virtual travel platforms: 

Virtually Visiting

For a unique, 360-degree immersive tour experience.


Live-streaming interactive tours. Free to join. Impossible to forget.


Free, guided, live-streaming videos and lots of other travel content!

Step-on Guiding

If you’d like a knowledgeable professional to join a tour you have organized, hire a 2me step-on guide.

Email us with your dates and destination to book one of our experts to accompany your trip.

Global Guided Tours

You can trust 2me Travel to deliver a seamless, well-organised tour when you visit the world’s most fascinating destinations with us.

Our friendly, knowledgeable, professional guides take the stress of travelling off your shoulders. You concentrate on having fun, soaking up a new environment and learning about local history, geography and culture. We take care of the rest.

We offer 10 to 15 multi-day tours each year. Recent trips include Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, Japan the United Kingdom. Check out our Upcoming Tours for forthcoming trips. 

Guided tours are available in English, French and Spanish.

we offer

Other Tour Services

Guided Tours of The Canadian Rockies

We are Banff locals. We’ve been climbing, skiing, hiking and exploring the majestic Canadian Rockies most of our lives. We love to share our insider knowledge with the world and offer a variety of in-person and virtual guided tours. Whether you’d like an action-packed morning in the mountains, a gentle and informative stroll through Banff, Calgary, Canmore or Lake Louise, or a self-drive tour (in your vehicle), we’d be delighted to introduce you to this magnificent place we’re proud to call home. Email us to book an unforgettable Rockies adventure - in real-life or online. We offer guided virtual and in-person tours (half-day, full day and multi-day) in English, French and Spanish. 

Custom Tours and Travel Consulting

We love to share what we’ve learned and help you enjoy a more meaningful travel experience. Let us help you create your own greatest adventure. We are an independent company. We carefully evaluate price and quality before making any recommendations.

Great Experiences, Lasting Memories

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