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July 1 - August 1

Welcome to the Town of Banff. This world famous community is home to fewer than 9000 permanent residents, yet our community hosts millions of visitors each year. Banff is not just another mountain resort. With a limit to its boundaries and a special need to reside requirement, this little mountain town is centre of culture with a global reputation.

On this 3-4 hour visit, you will discover the formation of the mountains, learn about the First Nations (who still live here) and discover the many special areas all within a short distance of the Town Centre.

Trains arrived in 1883 and the park was born around the natural hot springs in 1885. In 1911 the Dominion Park Service – the world’s first National Park Service – was established. That was the same year visitors could arrive by car or plane!

This introduction to Banff will frame your entire visit! We will laugh, learn and perhaps discover wildlife!

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July 1
August 1

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