Beaver Creek, Yukon (and a guy who should go to jail)

Beaver Creek is, in fact, Canada’s most westerly community. It is located on historic mile

1202 of the Alaska Highway and sits virtually on the US / Alaska border.

It is a small community – I mean really small. Under 100 people and it is 450 KM’s from the metropolis of Whitehorse – Yukon’s magnificent capital – with over 25000 inhabitants!

I have mentioned Yukon (or the Yukon) in only one article, yet it is among my favourite places on earth. I love the region, the people, the history and the isolation. I have even considered living there permanently.

Beaver Creek is principally home to the White River First Nation and is an important service stop for people driving the ALCAN (Alaska Highway). I have spent the night in Beaver Creek at least twenty times – all on tours. Predictably, everyone is friendly. My only negative experience ever was having to change a bus tire by hand when the town’s mechanic was away. The job took us well into the night, but as it was July, the sun did not set until about three AM!

I am writing this little piece to say Rod(ney) and Ekaterina Baker should go to jail. If you have not as yet read this story, strap in! The audacity of this couple is so unbelievable, words fail me.

Rod was CEO of a casino corporation (so he should probably be pulled in for aiding and abetting crime) and with his ‘aspiring-actress’ wife concocted a plan to procure a Covid vaccine by sneaking into the Territory and exposing one of Canada’s most isolated communities to the virus.

Here is a little background. Yukon is isolated and vast. It has excellent, but limited public services and therefore took an extremely proactive stance against the pandemic. From very early in the outbreak, Yukon imposed strict quarantine rules and probably saved countless lives. Yukon hospitals have not been overwhelmed and small communities such as Beaver Creek have suffered an economic hit, but not a healthcare disaster. Congratulations.

But Rod and Ekaterina had a plan. They flew to Whitehorse, skipped out of quarantine and chartered a flight to Beaver Creek to visit a mobile vaccination unit protecting the community. They claimed to be working at the main motel in order to receive the vaccine. Then had the audacity to ask for a ride back to the airport for their chartered airplane.

This really happened. We’re yet to find out if they brought Covid into the community – in which case they could be charged with attempted murder. These people have already been named. We’re working to have them shamed, but they really need to do time – real jail time and in the Yukon.

In fact a weather station near Beaver Creek once recorded a winter temperature of -63. Perhaps we could construct some sort of prison in that area, but just far enough out of town as to not bother the locals.

During the crazed days of the Klondike Gold Rush, criminals were punished by chopping wood. This could be a good idea.

There are so many wonderful things I want to write about Yukon and the North – and I am still planning a tour for July, if possible – but for now, let’s just contemplate the shocking arrogance of this horrible man and his tarnished trophy wife.

Oh, and #staysafe!

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