Montreal – Winter Edition

Let’s walk the streets of Montreal in January :) I’ll need the fresh air after flying all night !



Winter is back! It is time to take you skiing down the slopes of one of the most famous resorts anywhere. Come for the views & stay for the speed :)


Walk around (or across) Lake Louise

See the famous chateau and walk with me along the edge of the famous lake and perhaps out onto the ice. We are now into the winter edition of this event!


Discussing Irish roots on St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick's day. As my father was Irish I thought it may be fun to connect for a conversation about the Irish emigrant experience and how the identity of the diaspora has changed over time. Not sure where I'll be, but I'm back to Ireland almost every year.


International Happiness Day!

It just seems appropriate that we celebrate a day of happiness :) Let's discuss measures of happiness and have a laugh... (Not sure where I'll be!)


Utter Nonsense Tour

Fake News! You'll see right through it .. or will you ? Who needs to be guided by 'facts' and 'research' ? Come along to laugh, play and to try and find a grain of truth within the cacophony of blinding BS :)


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