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A personal note from Patrick:

There are so many people to thank through the growth and development of 2me tours. I really make a point of saying ‘we’ as this endeavour is much bigger than just myself. For years I have worked alongside different companies – and am happy to share – and lead – their tours.

I am currently working with several other contacts developing tours and exploring different licenses. This shall always remain small enough to be custom, but perhaps big enough to one day hand over to the next generation. For now, I plan years more travel and want to keep connecting with so many wonderful people around the world.

For the love of the journey …..

Let us welcome you to the end of 2020! This has been a year of reflection, a year of loss, a year of fear and a year of family time … and introspection.

There is so much to say about 2020, but in general, it has been a year of varying degrees of isolation. Several weeks into the first round of lockdowns, we laughed at a meme; “I’ve always said, if only I had the time, I would get the house organized! I guess time is not the issue!”

Well, finally (and months later than planned), it has been time to move Twomey Travel to a new platform. Et voila! The previous platform generated a huge amount of engagement (60k+ page visits per year), but the site has been bounced around so much we felt it logical to build a new foundation.

Writing: Many people engage with our articles. We have transferred over 200 and will be able to insert video and perhaps a podcast into

Services: We are doing our best to stay busy! We greatly appreciate your support.

Tourssince 1996! We will continue to lead custom tours and guide for a few choice companies. More and more we are developing custom packages for small groups.

Step-on guiding – this has been an important part of our activities for years. There is regular demand for local guide services for groups in the Banff / Western Canada area. Much of this demand comes from the French and Spanish speaking market, hence the multi-lingual site! Merci / Gracias

New(er) Services

Virtual tours! During this Covid break, we have participated in several virtual tour activities – everything from biking around Banff with a camera, to broader presentations. In fact on Dec 29 we will be offering a virtual tour of the Canadian Rockies to over 5000 people! Click here.

Moving forward, we would like to continue to offer virtual tours (this would be a wonderful gift to offer a loved one, or a group)! Perhaps you or a friend simply cannot travel to place that fascinates you – Polar bears (the cold or cost), Machu Picchu (altitude), Japan (flight time), Honduras (safety) etc – have a look through our blogs and pick a destination. We’ll take you on a virtual, interactive tour. Questions and laughs are welcome!

*Please note, if we are lacking expertise in the area, we will connect you with someone qualified!

Travel Consulting – this is exciting and long overdue. Travel is costly. It can be difficult to navigate brochures, excursions and even destinations. Before booking a tour, destination or cruise, book a truly independent one-hour consultation.

An obvious example is cruise shore excursions. Let us help you navigate the huge variety of options and potentially save $100’s if not $1000’s!

Pick the right tour for you. Do you want 5 countries in 10 days, or two weeks in one area? This is worth exploring before paying out large sums of money.

If you plan to travel independently – or send a daughter or son off for their first backpacking adventure, check in and we can help with itinerary ideas, destinations and safety advice.

*This service is completely independent – aside from an hourly fee, we earn nothing from commissions. All we offer is years of travel industry experience, independent travel and excursions knowledge. We really appreciate your help! Please feel more than welcome to spend some time looking through the site, clicking through pages and sharing with friends. It remains a work in process and we really would like feedback. This has been a steep learning curve, so we cannot promise to make all the changes suggested, but your engagement is wonderful – and hopefully enjoyable for you!

The Twomey Travel family has grown substantially over the years and so many new friendships have developed. There are Twomey Travel get-togethers in the UK, the US and from time to time in Latin America. We want to keep building these connections.

We are still on Facebook (2me Travel), Instagram (twomeytravel) and we are planning a new YouTube channel.


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